Another New Record for Mauro Nespoli and X10

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At the Italian National Team Trials this past weekend in Italy, Olympian Mauro Nespoli set a new Italian record (and Europe’s first 690+ score) with an outstanding 692/720 recurve 70M round. Using his X10 325 size shafts, Mauro bested the rest of the field in very severe weather conditions- rain and gusty winds- which made his record performance even more remarkable.  Mauro also holds the current European record which he set with Easton X10’s at the World Cup event in Antalya in 2012.



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  1. Chuck Cloud says:

    George and Steve thanks for the podcasts. I know you guys can’t believe we all listen to you but the podcasts are very informative. I share a lot of the same questions as other listeners, so getting answers from those “in the know” helps us new archers greatly. Steve congrats on Redding, and also for an outstanding season thus far. You’re killing it man, keep it up!
    Does Easton have plans to make an ACG with a stiffer spine than a 430? Last season I shot a Podium 37 at 29in draw and 55 lbs I was using them cut at 29.5in. I recently made the switch to a Prevail 40 SVX in 31in draw length and 60 lbs draw weight. For that setup I believe that arrow spine would be to weak and the arrow a bit short. Am I correct in my thinking here? I would like to get into a smaller diameter arrow than the ACC but am not sure if I should get in the Protours just yet. When I use the Easton Arrow selector on the website it has me getting into X10 325R but not the Protours. I thought those arrows were primarily for recurve archers. If I was to get into X10 Protours what spine, length, and point weight would you recommend for my setup? Thanks again, look forward to more podcast, Chuck

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