Easton Target Archery Podcast EP56

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Easton Target Archery Podcast

George and Steve discuss the just-completed NFAA Field Nationals, upcoming USA Archery Nationals, tackle more listener questions, and announce the lucky winner of the Team USA Olympic Quiver!


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  1. James Paquette says:

    This is a coment on your #15 podcast. I agree on the “sales pressure” in product. My daughter shot Easton for 7 years and at the beginning of 2017 at the urging of another archer convinced her to switch. The switch didn’t go very well as she barely shot over 675. We swapped back to her Easton ACG shafts mid summer and she blew a 698 and 699 to tie the world record and break the WAA record at 16 years old(and a WYAC SILVER). IMHO the ACG arrow is highly under rated. She as you may say now is “brand loyal” as she doesn’t trust anything else. We are working on breaking 595 indoors with her new arrows as we went from triumphs to now x23’s. Alexandra Paquette had a great year, going to keep to keep the party going.

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